Exquisite Corpse Exhibit at The Armory Show: March 3-7, 2010

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MARCH 3-7, 2010

New York, NY --- More than 183 internationally recognized visual artists, architects, designers and photographers are participating in collaborative drawings to create seventy-five to one hundred works as part of Armitage Gone! Dance’s Exquisite Corpse project. A selection of thirty drawings will be exhibited in rotation at the Armory Show, March 3 – 7, 2010 at Exhibit Booth # 1508, Pier 94, 12th Avenue and 55th Street, NYC 

Using the 1920's surrealist parlor game "cadavre exquise," a drawing that combines words and/or images by multiple artists on one sheet of paper, the project celebrates the theme of chance encounters, surprise and radical juxtaposition. Each artist adds to the composition, in sequence, without seeing the contribution of the previous person. The chance juxtaposition of images and styles results in a work that is both unexpected and amusing. Each drawing is a combination of the work of three or four artists; one for the head and shoulders, one or two for the torso, and one for the legs and feet. The works are all a universal size of 16x30 inches.

The project’s proceeds will benefit Armitage Gone! Dance, an internationally acclaimed contemporary dance company under the direction of renowned choreographer Karole Armitage. For three decades as a choreographer and director, Karole Armitage has actively pushed the boundaries of classicism to create a contemporary idiom blending new dance, music and art. Her dances are full of wit, humor and sophistication and possess a fierce and sensuous beauty. Like some of the best contemporary art, Armitage’s concept of beauty involves making connections between unlikely things. Karole Armitage has deep roots in the artistic community and has been dedicated to fusing dance with the visual arts. Her collaborations with artists such as Jeff Koons, Brice Marden, David Salle, Philip Taaffe, Vera Lutter and many others, began early in her career and continue actively to this day.  Included among the 183 artists already committed to the Exquisite Corpse project are: Vito Acconci, Laurie Anderson, Donald Baechler, John Baldessari, Ross Bleckner, Louise Bourgeois, Cecily Brown, Sandro Chia, Francesco Clemente, Will Cotton, Carroll Dunham, Eric Fischl, Robert Gober, Alex Katz, Karen Kilimnik, Richard Meier, Malcolm Morley, Tom Otterness, Tony Oursler, Chloe Piene, Enoc Perez, Richard Phillips, David Salle, Dana Schutz, Andres Serrano, Joel Shapiro, Rosemarie Trockel, Robert Wilson and Terry Winters. The Exquisite Corpse project is a way for a wide range of artists to express their support for Armitage’s work and also a way for her to acknowledge artists who have played such a large role in her career.

The project also highlights the “performative” aspect of art making by demonstrating that drawing, performance art, and dance all have in common spontaneity and an unpredictable nature. The evanescent quality of dance is mirrored in the surprising juxtapositions of the Exquisite Corpse. Works in the project have been created either at a number of artists’ drawing parties or passed from artist to artist. In all instances, the artist is unable to view the work that his or her fellow artists have created.  The project is curated by David Salle and Project Manager Tanja Grunert of Gasser-Grunert.

Armory show hours are: 12-8PM March 4,5,6, and 12-7PM on March 7.
Armory Show General Admission $30 and $10.00 for students.

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