About the Exquisite Corpse

The Exquisite Corpse - Over 200 important contemporary artists have come together to create collaborative drawings based on the 1920's surrealist parlor game "cadavre exquise". The project is meant to celebrate the theme of chance encounters, surprise and radical juxtaposition. Each artist adds to the composition, in sequence, without seeing the contribution of the previous person. Works in the project have been created either at a number of artists’ drawing parties or passed from artist to artist. Each drawing is a combination of the work of three or four artists; one for the head and shoulders, one or two for the torso, and one for the legs and feet. The drawings, which are all a universal size of 16x30 inches, are being created to benefit Armitage Gone! Dance. The project also highlights the “performative” aspect of art making by demonstrating that drawing, performance art, and dance all have in common spontaneity and an unpredictable nature. The evanescent quality of dance is mirrored in the surprising juxtapositions of the Exquisite Corpse. The project is curated by David Salle, artist and Chairman of the Board of the Armitage Foundation and Project Manager Tanja Grunert of Gasser-Grunert Gallery.

Exquisite Corpse at the Armory Show – In March 2010 the first 30 Exquisite Corpse drawings were exhibited at the Armory Show in New York. The critical response included this from Paul Laster in The Daily Beast, “One of the most entertaining group hangings is the Exquisite Corpse exhibition. Using the 1920s surrealist parlor game cadavre exquise as the point of departure, 185 contemporary artists, including Dana Schutz, Ryan McGinness, and Louise Bourgeois, drew parts of the body on folded paper, without the knowledge of what their colleagues had done. The results are astonishing.”

Armitage Gone! Dance - Karole Armitage has routinely made some of the most beautiful and meaningful dances of the last three decades. Her works are full of wit, humor and sophistication and possess a fierce and sensuous beauty. Like some of the best contemporary art, her concept of beauty involves making connections between unlikely things. Karole Armitage has deep roots in the artistic community and has been dedicated to fusing dance with the visual arts. A hallmark of her 30 year choreographic career has been her collaboration with such important artists as: Jeff Koons, Brice Marden, Philip Taaffe, Vera Lutter and many others. These collaborations, which began early in her career and continue actively to this day, are unparalleled in the contemporary dance world. The Exquisite Corpse project is a way for a wide range of artists to express their support for Armitage’s work and also a way for her to acknowledge artists who have played such a large role in her career. The Exquisite Corpse project artworks are being created and sold to provide funding for the Company to create new works and to preserve existing ballets.

Sales The Armitage Foundation hosts two events annually that feature art sales to benefit the Armitage Gone! Dance New Works Fund. The next event will be in the spring of 2014.


Artist List

1.    Vito Acconci
2.    John Ahearn
3.    Eija-Liisa Ahtila
4.    Ellen Altfest
5.    D-L Alvarez
6.    Jose Alvarez
7.    Ghada Amer
8.    Laurie Anderson
9.    Polly Apfelbaum
10.    Knut Asdam
11.    Donald Baechler
12.    Kristin Baker
13.    John Baldessari
14.    Shigeru Ban
15.    Amy Cohen Banker
16.    Robert Barry
17.    Jennifer Bartlett
18.    Erica Baum
19.    Ellen Berkenblit
20.    Michael Bevilacqua
21.    Ashley Bickerton
22.    Nayland Blake
23.    Ross Bleckner
24.    Daniel Blochwitz
25.    Louise Bourgeois
26.    Joe Bradley
27.    Ethan Breckenridge
28.    Olaf Breuning
29.    Beth Brideau
30.    Delia Brown
31.    Cecily Brown
32.    Robert Buck
33.    Tom Burr
34.    Richard Butler
35.    Nicolas Byrne
36.    Ellen Carey
37.    Matthew Cerletty
38.    Sarah Charlesworth
39.    Sandro Chia
40.    Anne Chu
41.    Francesco Clemente
42.    Benjamin Cottam
43.    Will Cotton
44.    Renee Cox
45.    Grayson Cox
46.    Jessica Craig-Martin
47.    Michael Craig-Martin
48.    Russell Crotty
49.    Adam Cvijanovic
50.    Gerald Davis
51.    Verne Dawson
52.    Jules de Balincourt
53.    Francesca di Matteo
54.    Rodney Dickson
55.    Chris Dorland
56.    Carroll Dunham
57.    Richard Dupont
58.    Jimmie Durham
59.    Dzine
60.    William Earl Kofmehl
61.    Tracey Emin
63.    Reza Farkhondeh
64.    Mounir Fatmi
65.    Eric Fischl
66.    Louise Fishman
67.    Jonathan Safran Foer
68.    Alison Fox
69.    Adam Fuss
70.    Maureen Gallace
71.    Martha Gallo
72.    Vidya Gastaldon
73.    John Gauld
74.    Rashell George
75.    Steve Gianakos
76.    Ralph Gibson
77.    Liam Gillick
78.    Robert Gober
79.    Ron Gorchov
80.    Douglas Gordon
81.    April Gornik
82.    Andrew Guenther
83.    Ann Hamilton
84.    Hilary Harkness
85.    Claire Harvey
86.    Mona Hatoum
87.    Mary Heilmann
88.    Dana Hoey
89.    Katie Holten
90.    Judy Hudson
91.    David Humphrey
92.    Elliot Hundley
93.    Bryan Hunt
94.    Bill Jensen
95.    Chantal Joffe
96.    Jasper Johns
97.    Joan Jonas
98.    Brad Kahlhamer
99.    Anton Kannemeyer
100.    Jane Kaplowitz
101.    Alex Katz
102.    William Kentridge
103.    Karen Kilimnik
104.    Terence Koh
105.    Douglas Kolk
106.    Juul Kraijer
107.    Jonathan Lasker
108.    Cary Leibowitz
109.    Matvey Levenstein
110.    David Levinthal
111.    Hanna Liden
112.    Glenn Ligon
113.    Jonas Lipps
114.    Damien Loeb
115.    Whitfield Lovell
116.    Nate Lowman
117.    Carrie Mae Weems
118.    Mary Jane Marcasiano
119.    Kerry James Marshall
120.    Kris Martin
121.    Nick Mauss
122.    Paul McCarthy
123.    Adam McEwen
124.    Ryan McGinness
125.    Roy McMakin
126.    Patrick McMullan
127.    Amanda Means
128.    Josephine Meckseper
129.    Richard Meier
130.    Sam Messer
131.    Wes Mills
132.    Marilyn Minter
133.    Yasumasa Morimura
134.    Malcolm Morley
135.    Olivier Mosset
136.    Irina Movmyga
137.    Martin Mull
138.    Matt Mullican
139.    John Newsom
140.    Camille Norment
141.    Marcel Odenbach
142.    Ioanna Olivera
143.    Lisa Oppenheim
144.    Tom Otterness
145.    Tony Oursler
146.    Jorge Pardo
147.    Philip Pearlstein
148.    Enoc Perez
149.    Manfred Pernice
150.    Ellen Phelen
151.    Richard Phillips
152.    Chloe Piene
153.    Tiffany Pollack
154.    Rob Pruitt
155.    Mark Quinn
156.    Shan Raoufi
157.    Anselm Reyle
158.    Alexis Rockman
159.    Rosenblum/Muntean
160.    Clifford Ross
161.    Allen Ruppersberg
162.    George Rush
163.    Serra Sabuncuoglu
164.    Tom Sachs
165.    David Salle
166.    Collier Schorr
167.    Dana Schutz
168.    Sean Scully
169.    Richard Serra
170.    Andres Serrano
171.    Joel Shapiro
172.    Dasha Shishkin
173.    Lorna Simpson
174.    Petra Singh
175.    Alec Soth
176.    Haim Steinbach
177.    Pat Steir
178.    Jessica Stockholder
179.    Eva Struble
180.    Billy Sullivan
181.    Donald Sultan
182.    Ena Swansea
183.    Rosemarie Trockel
184.    Diane Tuft
185.    Frederic Tuten
186.    Rezi van Lankveld
187.    Michael van Ofen
188.    Charline von Heyl
189.    Rebecca Warren
190.    William Wegman
191.    Lawrence Weiner
192.    Matthew Weinstein
193.    Garth Weiser
194.    Tommy White
195.    Robert Wilson
196.    Terry Winters
197.    Lucy Winton
198.    Joel-Peter Witkin
199.    Ofer Wolberger
200.    Lisa Yuskavitch
201.    Peter Zimmermann

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