Touring Repertoire 2013-2014

The company travels with Artistic Director Karole Armitage, a Stage Manager, a Technical Director and 8 dancers.


Fables on Global Warming (2013)

Choreography: Karole Armitage
Composer/Lyricist:  Corey Dargel
Visual Director: Doug Fitch
Dramaturge: Katharina Otto-Bernstein|
Lighting Design: Clifton Taylor
Scientific Consultant: Dr. John Harte, UC Berkeley
Total Running Time: 60 Minutes

Fables on Global Warming is a performance about sustainability based on traditional animal fables from around the globe. The hour-long work for 8 dancers and 3 musicians explores the connections between humans and nature through art and science. Created by Choreographer Karole Armitage with Visual Director Doug Fitch and Composer Corey Dargel,  who performs live with two musicians, Fables entwines dance with song, science, image and ancient puppet forms. The piece works on several levels at once and will entertain children, newcomers, and sophisticated audiences.

Touring personnel (14): Karole Armitage, Composer Corey Dargel, 2 musicians, 7 dancers, Lighting/Sound Supervisor, Stage Manger/Prop Manger, and a Wardrobe Manager.

National Dance Project Support Available for 13-14. Western and Midwestern Touring Opportunities Taking Shape.



Three Theories (2010)

Choreography: Karole Armitage
Music: Bang - music by Rhys Chatham, excerpt from “Two Gongs”
Relativity – “Raga Jog: Vilambit Ektaal” performed by Sangeeta Shankar (violin) and Ramkumar Misra (tabla)
Quantum – original score by Rhys Chatham
String – music by John Luther Adams, “Dark Waves”
Costume Design: Deanna Berg MacLean
Lighting Design: Clifton Taylor
Performers: 8 dancers
Total Running Time: 1 hour

A balletic work that looks at the poetry underlying the pillars of 20th Century theoretical physics - Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics - and the upstart newcomer known as String Theory.   It is evidence of the eclectic material that inspires Armitage.  “There are forces that move us which we understand; others which we don’t.  My dances are the combination of both.  The ultimate purpose in bringing together such forces is to create beautiful and symbolically meaningful movement that quickens our sense of the world.”
Touring personnel (11): Karole Armitage, Stage Manager, Tech Director, 8 Dancers.
Watch excerpt here



Ligeti Essays (2006)

Choreography: Karole Armitage
Music: György Ligeti
Set Design: David Salle and Clifton Taylor
Costume Design: Peter Speliopoulos
Lighting Design: Clifton Taylor
Performers: 7 dancers
Total Running Time: 25 minutes 

The dance is choreographed to a suite of three, jewel-like song cycles composed by the late György Ligeti.  In these haiku-like compositions, Ligeti expresses the full gamut of our complex and contradictory natures: from the humorous to the trivial and sarcastic, with passages of languorous, beautiful daydreams.  The ballet is set off to perfection by David Salle’s stunning set. 

Touring personnel (11): Karole Armitage, Stage Manager, Tech Director, 8 dancers.

Watch excerpt here


Rave  (2001)

Choreography: Karole Armitage

Music: David Shea

Lighting Design: Clifton Taylor
Costumes: Peter Speliopoulos 

Performers: 8 AGD dancers
 and 18 local guest dancers
Total Running Time: 25 minutes

Rave is a celebratory happening mixing dance, capoeira (a Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, dance, and music), voguing (an underground African-American and custom of social performance and fashion show appropriation begun in Harlem in the 1960s), wushu (Chinese martial arts), and catwalk for 26 dancers in iconic costumes ranging from Marilyn Monroe to an American Indian chief. All of the dancers paint their bodies in bright colors from head to toe – skin is orange, purple, green, gray, blue. Rave is constructed on Vogue Dance twisted through the lens of mixing many different movement forms into a celebration of life as a combination of ball, ballet and carnival for the 21th century.

Rave requires a minimum three-day workshop for 18 local dancers (9 women and 9 men)  to learn sections of the choreography. This is followed by two days of rehearsal with the full cast prior to a public performance. The teaching residency can be done with the full company present or AG!D can sent a company member ahead to teach the material to local dancers. AG!D provides the costumes for all dancers. Ideally the women dance on pointe. The technical level of the pointe work is not difficult. All guest dancers have to donate a pair of clean pointe shoes or ballet shoes that can be painted in the color of their costume. Additional dancers must be provided by the presenter, pending approval by Karole Armitage. Any fees for additional dancers are the responsibility of the presenter.

Touring Personnel (11): Karole Armitage, Stage Manager, Tech Director, 8 Dancers.  

Watch excerpt here


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