Professional Project

Armitage Gone! Dance
Intensive Professional Project
Jan 5-16, 2015

Study and practice in the heart of the world’s dance capital
with Armitage Gone! Dance.

"Fiercely pure….Armitage…presents the
performers as molten steel cooling into
stunning shapes, yet also reminds us
that they are not clones of a technique
but individuals, with minds, moods, and
imperfections of their own."
- Deborah Jowitt, THE VILLAGE VOICE
Armitage Gone! Dance
Over the past 30 years, Karole Armitage and her dancers have shaped the evolution of contemporary dance through the creation and performance of new works. The most recent incarnation of the company, Armitage Gone! Dance, was launched in 2004 when Karole Armitage returned to the U.S. after 15 years of working abroad. Armitage Gone! was originally created in in 1979 in New York to critical acclaim for its punk infused dances.  This led to the founding of The Armitage Ballet in 1985, which featured work en pointe in collaboration with visual artists David Salle and Jeff Koons. Throughout the 1990s, Armitage chose to maintain her company on a project basis while accepting commissions from European ballet and opera companies. Since 2004, AG!D has been working intensely, presenting multiple  seasons annually in New York as well as touring the US and Europe. The company is known for the rigor and personality of its eight exceptional, virtuoso dancers who hail from across the globe bringing many unique flavors to the stage. Since 2004, AG!D has created works on a wide range of subjects from African aesthetics and commedia dell’arte, to fashion and popular dance forms as well as theoretical physics and trance.
Karole Armitage, the founder and Artistic Director of AG!D, was rigorously trained in classical ballet. She began her professional career in 1973 as a member of the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, Switzerland, a company devoted exclusively to the repertory of George Balanchine. In 1976, she was invited to join Merce Cunningham’s company where she remained for five years, performing leading roles in Cunningham’s landmark works. Through her unique and acute knowledge of the aesthetic values of Balanchine and Cunningham, Armitage has created her own “voice” in the dichotomy of classical and modern, and is seen by some critics as the true choreographic heir to the two masters of twentieth-century American dance. Armitage is inspired by disparate, non-narrative sources, from twentieth-century physics, to sixteenth-century Florentine fashion, to pop culture and new media. In her hands, the classical dance vocabulary is given a needed shock to its system with speed and fractured lines, abstractions, and symmetry countermanded by asymmetry. Having worked as a choreographer for Cirque du Soleil, Madonna, Michael Jackson and on Broadway, her interests are wide ranging and mix the popular with the marginal as well as the technique and traditions of ballet and modern dance.
Workshop Focus – The Creative Process
Each day will begin with a ballet or modern technique class taught by Artistic Director, Karole Armitage and Armitage Gone! Dance company members. The workshop generally runs on a Monday – Friday schedule. The heart of the workshop is dedicated to the creative process. Students will be working side by side with the Armitage Gone! professionals on a daily basis. Students will learn Armitage composition techniques including “cubism in motion,” “action/reaction,” “tracing” and the use of Japanese calligraphy to generate movement vocabulary. Students will be asked to use their creativity to take the movement into new territory, actively participating in the making of a new work. Students will learn personal responsibility in a professional context and will be pushed to the extremes, mentally and physically, that are required by the profession. See company member bios at:
Students need to be well trained in ballet and modern/contemporary dance. The workshop is designed for students who want to become professional dancers or for professional dancers who are interested in studying new kinds of movement.
 (Note: this is not a beginner workshop.) The workshop is designed for dancers interested in exploring a wide range of movement ideas as well as artistic, creative and intellectual concepts.
Audition Process
Resumes and dance footage are required as part of the application process in online or DVD format. We encourage all students to attend the audition. The date will be announced in the fall. The audition will take place from 11am - 5pm on a Saturday in our studio at Mana Contemporary. Students should bring a bio and photo (stapled together) to the audition. For students who cannot attend the audition, an alternative will be arranged. A maximum of 20 students will be accepted. $25 application fee due prior to audition. *See Registration Form:
Limited scholarships available to exceptional students.
Our Studio
Our new studio is located in the beautiful Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, NJ.
The studio is conveniently located near Journal Square on the PATH train.
AG!D Season
Learn more about AG!D during our World Premiere Season in New York City soon.
Enroll Today
2015 Professional Project Registration Form will be available HERE.
$25 registration fee 
$1000 Workshop Fee (Total - not including registration fee)
$500 Deposit is due to reserve your place upon acceptance in the fall. 
Balance is due on December 15, 2014. We are unable to provide housing.

Application materials can be submitted
via mail to:               Armitage Gone! Dance
                                   888 Newark Avenue
                                   Jersey City, NJ 07306
via email to:            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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